Roger Worrall | Yildiz2 Day trip and BBQ night cruise.

Yildiz2 Day trip and BBQ night cruise.

September 07, 2015  •  1 Comment

A day trip around some of the bays of Kalkan on board the Yildiz 2, at the helm Captain Osman and his wife Zeynep helped out by his 2 daughters and cousin, lovely people and a trip.

The day starts of around 10 am when you are greeted on board the Yildiz 2, it's not overcrowded like some of the other tour cruise's around Kalkan probably a maximum of 16, most of the time I have been on board it's been around 12 to 14 people. Served with Turkish tea, coffee or normal tea before sailing, whilst waiting for others to arrive and board. 

All boarded we set off to our first bay just up the coast line here you can enjoy free swimming :-) in the crystal clear waters of the turquoise coast, you may even get the chance to see some Turtle's as there have been many sightings this year in some of the bays and around the harbour area. We move on to the next Bay where Zeynep starts to prepare lunch, fresh vegetables, fish, chicken, rice, chips, crispy pastry rolls filed with feta cheese and if we have successful fishing during the morning then we will get fresh mackerel served as well. Will add photo of the food later. How all is food is prepared in a small galley kitchen is amazing. The food is absolutely glorious and you get plenty of it.

After all that food time for a rest and on to the next bay for swimming or mud bath if you like that sort of thing, apparently makes you look 5 years younger. From here we move on again for fresh fruit, ice cream and tea this is indeed a great day out.

This trip is a full day from 10 in the morning returning to harbour around 5 sometimes 6pm.

The following evening we book ourselves onto the BBQ night cruise, get to see the sunset before a romantic evening under the stars no light pollution out here so you get to see a beautiful sight even the Milky Way is visible somewhat hard to capture on the camera from a swaying boat. Again the food was outstanding and this time Captain Osman cooks on a small BBQ situated at the rear on the gang plank. Meat balls, stuffed peppers, kebabs on skewers, rice and chips they certainly know how to feed their guests.

Below is a few shots of the sunset and Milky Way although as I mentioned before quite a difficult shot to take on board a boat.

This is a very pleasurable evening cruise which I have been on several times over the years, but this year a couple had let the side down by shouting abusive language over the bay to another boat, I admit it was blasting out garage music to the point that their speakers were crackling but still there is no need for that kind of behaviour shouting profanities and using hand gestures especially as there were children on board and a lovely German couple we met with a young daughter what must they have thought. ? Derek (IT Consultant) and Jacky (Ex BA Cabin Manager circa 1982) I can safely say that I have never felt so embarrassed being British.

Captain Osman had this situation taken care off !! nothing like a good loud fog horn to get the music off.

Its a lovely cruise with great host's and I will return. 

You can contact them through the following link



Ed Whiting(non-registered)
I love that area of the world and had a fantastic time there. Made some special friends who still talk about that mud. Swimming in the dark off the boat is something I will never forget. Enjoyed seeing the pictures, brings it all back.
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